How to Pay Your Bill Online

Managing Your Account Easy



How to Set Up Your Account


1. If you are on, at the very top find and click on “Pay My Bill” to get started. 

If you already have an account and need to make a payment, scroll down to the “MAKING A PAYMENT” section found below.



2. On the pop-up, enter your city, state or zip code to find your location, then hit enter or click search. 

3. Below the search bar your location will appear. Once you see your site click on “Pay Here.”



4. After clicking “Pay Here” you will get to the screen below. Click on "Create Account."


5. After clicking "Create Account" - you will see the screen below.


6. Fill out all the information in yellow. Below are tips to fill out the required fields if you need help.



  • Gate Access Code: input this number without the # or *. (strictly use numbers only, no symbols)
  • Unit Number: input this number as it appears on your lease, invoice, or receipts.
  • Email: you can put any email here, but it is recommended you use the same one that you signed up with
  • Password: make this out to be whatever you want.
  • Security Question: make this out to be whatever you want (you will use this when resetting your password).
  • Security Answer: make this out to be whatever you want (you will use this when resetting your password).
  • Don’t forget to click the “I’m not a robot”.



7.  Once you fill out all the required values and submit, you will see the screen below. 
Click on the “Click HERE to Logon” to continue.



8. You will also get a confirmation email that looks like this:


Dear John Smith, 
Thanks for registering your account in our website. 

Your unit registered is: XXXX 

Your login email address is: 
Please click here to logon to your account. 

RightSpace Storage 

This is an automatic email, please reply to 


*if you have multiple units you just need to sign up once, the other units will show up once logged in unless your manager did not link the units – simply create another log-on for the other unit(s).




Go ahead and search for your location by clicking "Pay My Bill" at the top of our website. Enter your zip code and look for your location below, then click "Pay Here" depending on your location (see step 1-3 at the top of this page if you need help finding your location).



9. Next, you will be taken to the page below.  

Enter the values you previously used for the email and password to create the account.  

Click “Login” and it will take you to your account.



10. Once you log in, you will see the account overview page with all your information. 

Click on “Make Payment” to continue.



  • You can update your contact information by clicking on “My Profile” and following the prompts.
  • You can set up auto-pay by clicking on “Automatic Payment” and following the prompts.
  • You can view your payment history by clicking on “View Payment History.”
  • You can also save your card on file, (this is not auto-pay) just before submitting your payment, for future use.


10. After you click on “Make Payment” you will see this page.

*There is no balance due if your paid through date is after today’s date.

Enter all your credit card information and hit "Submit"



  • Pay current due – allows you to pay only if there is something due. If there is nothing due it will charge you $0.
  • Pay current plus next month – clicking this option will pay the current month (if something is due) plus next month. If there is nothing due for the current month, it will only take your payment for the next month.
  • Pay current plus this many months – pays the current month if there is something due, plus however many months in advance you want to pay.

*you can check the box below the amount if you want to save your card for future use (not auto-pay).




10b. Then it will ask you to click “Confirm” a second time to process your payment.



10c. After Hitting confirm you hit a “Thank you for your payment page. You can print the page for your records by clicking “Print this page.”



If you are done printing or did not print, you can click below the second “Print this page” button on the blue “here” link.  

This will take you back to your account overview where you can sign out at the top right.  


Find Storage at Any One of The Following Facilities



Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

6444 E Broadway Blvd
6390 S Santa Clara
6750 E Tanque Verde Rd
9000 E Tanque Verde Rd
2850 N Tuttle Ave
Bullhead City, Arizona (AZ)
Fort Mohave, Arizona (AZ)

4345 Hwy 95, Ste A
4144 S Arcadia Ln
Mesa, Arizona (AZ)

20 W Baseline
1460 W Broadway Rd
35 N Guthrie
6660 E Main St
Peoria, Arizona (AZ)

Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

4200 N Black Canyon Hwy
17201 N Black Canyon Hwy
717 Pierson St
Queen Creek, Arizona (AZ)



Alhambra, California (CA)
Banning, California (CA)
Barstow, California (CA)
Blythe, California (CA)
Coachella, California (CA)
Cypress, California (CA)
Hesperia, California (CA)
Menifee, California (CA)
Pasadena, California (CA)
Rosemead, California (CA)
San Jacinto, California (CA)
Tustin, California (CA)
Victorville, California (CA)



Upton, Massachusetts (MA)


New Hampshire

Amherst, New Hampshire (NH)
Bow, New Hampshire (NH)
Derry, New Hampshire (NH)

125 Windham Rd
125 Windham Rd Suite B
Dover, New Hampshire (NH)
Hooksett, New Hampshire (NH)
Nashua, New Hampshire (NH)
15 Northwest Blvd
Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH)

7 Mohawk Dr
9 Londonderry Rd
Pembroke, New Hampshire (NH)
Wakefield, New Hampshire (NH)


New Mexico

Bernalillo, New Mexico (NM)
Los Lunas, New Mexico (NM)



North Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Paradise/Henderson, Nevada (NV)
Spring Valley/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
South Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Winchester/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Sunrise Manor/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)



Allen, Texas (TX)
Austin, Texas (TX)
Denton, Texas (TX)

1002 Dallas Drive
3919 E McKinney
Buda, Texas (TX)
Forney, Texas (TX)

394 E US Highway 80
9600 Helms Trail
Grand Prairie, Texas (TX)
Killeen, Texas (TX)
Murphy, Texas (TX)
Round Rock, Texas (TX)
San Antonio, Texas (TX)
Terrell, Texas (TX)
Wylie, Texas (TX)

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