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If you've run out of space to store your things, RightSpace Storage is a safe place to keep your belongings.

RightSpace Storage is one of the self-storage industry’s finest full service consulting firms specializing in property management, acquisition, image branding, asset financing, and project consulting. Growing to over 70 properties throughout the country has ranked us in the top 25 storage operators in the nation. RightSpace Storage has the experienced personnel to provide all levels of expertise to make your self-storage project a success.

RightSpace Storage was formed by Mark Van MourickWarren AllanDebi Lerma. RightSpace offers a full array of services from operations and accounting, to project acquisition and development. We have a proven track record of acquiring and managing  properties nationwide that their Property Owners and Investors will attest to. Their knowledge and expertise will bring the value your project needs to make it a success.


Our Mission

RightSpace Storage is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations by delivering the most professional, informative, and dedicated service in the self-storage industry.

We are committed to corporate tithing for the benefit of those less fortunate and shall always place the utmost priority on honesty, integrity, and professionalism when serving and caring for our clients and our company employees.1


Our Story 

Warren Allan and Debi Lerma first entered the storage business in the late 1990s at an established Southern California firm.  Then in 2007, through a partnership with wealth management firm Optivest Inc, Warren and Debi started their own company: Optivest Properties.  

The self-storage management and consulting firm began primarily as a third-party manager overseeing a handful of properties located in the southwestern United States.  By the year 2012, through internal and external growth, the company had approximately 45 storage properties under management, both owned and third-party managed.  In 2013, Optivest entered a new stage of growth by accepting the invitation to become one of the founding Participating Regional Operators (“PRO’s”) of the newly formed Real Estate Investment Trust, National Storage Affiliates (NYSE: NSA).  NSA successfully completed its planned initial public offering in April of 2015 and has experienced significant growth since. 

For most of its company life, the properties that Optivest owned and managed did not operate under a unified brand.  Then, in 2016, in line with the ongoing evolution of the storage industry and the shifting needs of customers, Optivest launched “RightSpace Storage,” a consolidated brand under which its properties could be managed and optimized.  With a solid web presence and robust internal functionality, its website serves as the new hub for client intake and online branding. 

RightSpace Storage continues to uphold Optivest’s core values of service, integrity, and performance and is a company poised for future growth and excellence.

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