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There are a lot of upsides to storing your boat in a marina. After all, it is right on the water, so you don’t have to haul it anywhere. But then that also means you’re stuck at one location, and it can be an added pain to first get your boat out of the water before taking it anywhere else. Then there’s price for marina rental, which can easily reach thousands of dollars a year. Plus, marinas on rivers and lakes are pest magnets, and can easily envelope your boat in webs and droppings. Maybe storing your boat on a marina isn’t the best option.


The perfect storage space for your boat is RightSpace!


There are so many benefits to choosing self storage for your boat. Benefits like easy loading and unloading, so you can get in, out, and on your way in a breeze. Or the affordable cost of renting a spot, which can easily cut your storage costs in half, and the convenience of month-to-month leasing that lets you store on your terms. Plus, there’s added security to deter damage or theft, like resident managers, gated access, and video surveillance. And we offer added benefits like a boat wash to take care of your prized vessel right at your space. You also have options, like open storage, covered storage, and even enclosed storage spaces.


We have a wide range of sizes so you don’t have to pay for more than you need. Use this helpful guide to determine the right space for you, and make sure to check your owner’s manual to find out exactly how long and wide your boat is:


  • A 10x20 unit will work perfect for smaller fishing boats like bass, bay, and bowriders. It’s also a great option for a Ski-Doo. You can choose covered, parking and enclosed units in this size.
  • You’ll want at least a 20x30 spot for large bowriders and bay boats, medium-size center consoles, and small cruisers, cuddy cabins and deck boats. Depending on the height of your boat, you can find this size in drive-up units, covered units, and parking units.
  • Many of our facilities provide parking up to 50 feet in length. This will fit large cruisers, pontoons, and some high performance boats.


Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storage

Our top priority is to ensure your boat remains in ship-shape during storage. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to preparing your boat for winter storage.


Start with the Interior

Unpack everything. Remove all food, linens and anything not intended to stay on the boat. As you go through everything, check that safety equipment like life vests and flare guns are in good condition without rust, rips, tears or damage. Grab your fire extinguisher and store it at home.


Clean it Up. Wipe down everything, paying close attention to crumbs and stains. Treat and reseal any wood surface to protect against mold and mildew. Let the boat air out, leave cabinets and drawers open, and place mildew control bags throughout.


Now for the Exterior

Clean the boat’s surface. Rinse to remove debris, then work from top to bottom. For stuck-on stains, use boat soap. Don’t let it dry on the surface: it’s best if you rinse as you wash. Give the surface a good buff by hand or with a buffer so that it stays protected from dust and grime.


Cover it Up: Place a fitted and button-on boat cover to protect it, even if you are storing inside. It will protect your boat from the elements while outside and from dust build-up inside.


Last is the Mechanics

Every boat is different, so it’s best to take your vessel to a trusted shop to make sure everything is in working order. They should also help you winterize it. If you’re the DIY-type, then use these steps as a jumping-off point.


  1. Drain Engine Water. Outboard engines need all drain holes opened and the engine started. A water muff will connect to a hose that flushes the cooling system. Sterndrive and inboard engines require water muffs to connect the hose to the cooling system. Flush the engine, and remove the drain plugs and the water pump hose.
  2. Drain Engine Oil. Drain the old oil and replace it with new.
  3. Fill the Tank. Fill your tank and throw in a fuel stabilizer, running your boat for a bit to get the stabilizer through the entire system.
  4. Spray the Engine. Use a foggy oil spray to coat your engine and prevent rusting.
  5. Drain the Gears. Take off both drain hole screws and let the contents drain completely into a pan. Place a drain pan below the lower unit, and remove the lower drain hole screw. If there’s something going on with the gears, the oil won’t look like it did when it went in. If everything looks good, replace the bottom screw and add more oil. Don’t forget to replace the top screw, too.
  6. Lubricate. The grease fittings in your engine need to be lubricated in order to prevent corrosion.


While every boat is different and will require different steps to properly store, this list will help you get started. For more detailed storing information, be sure to check your owner's manual. Prepping your boat now will ensure it’s ready to cruise when the weather warms back up. Get it ready for storage, and find a unit today!


Find Boat Storage at Any One of The Following Facilities



Bullhead City, Arizona (AZ)
Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
Fort Mohave, Arizona (AZ)
Mesa, Arizona (AZ)
1460 W Broadway Rd
6660 E Main St
Peoria, Arizona (AZ)
Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

4200 N Black Canyon Hwy
17201 N Black Canyon Hwy
Queen Creek, Arizona (AZ)



Banning, California (CA)
Barstow, California (CA)
Blythe, California (CA)
Coachella, California (CA)
Menifee, California (CA)
San Jacinto, California (CA)
Tustin, California (CA)
Victorville, California (CA)


New Hampshire

Amherst, New Hampshire (NH)
Bow, New Hampshire (NH)
Derry, New Hampshire (NH)
Hooksett, New Hampshire (NH)
Nashua, New Hampshire (NH)
Pembroke, New Hampshire (NH)
Wakefield, New Hampshire (NH)


New Mexico

Bernalillo, New Mexico (NM)
Los Lunas, New Mexico (NM)



North Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Paradise/Henderson, Nevada (NV)
Spring Valley/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
South Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Sunrise Manor/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)



Austin, Texas (TX)
Denton, Texas (TX)

1002 Dallas Drive
3919 E McKinney
Buda, Texas (TX)
Forney, Texas (TX)

394 E US Highway 80
9600 Helms Trail
Grand Prairie, Texas (TX)
Killeen, Texas (TX)
Murphy, Texas (TX)
Round Rock, Texas (TX)
Terrell, Texas (TX)
Wylie, Texas (TX)


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