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Car Storage: Indoor Units, Covered and Outdoor Parking

Vehicle Storage Overview


Whether you’re looking to store that classic car or precious family heirloom, RightSpace Storage has the car storage you need at the best possible price.  Indoor units, outdoor covered ports, and parking spots across the country are waiting to be filled at competitive monthly rates.  We even have indoor units big enough to fit your car and more.


Our parking areas feature wide aisles that allow you to get in and out with ease. Convenient month-to-month leasing lets you store for the off-season and just as easily stop when you no longer need it.


Car Storage Tips

Whether you’re storing for a few weeks or an extended period of time, there are precautions you should take to ensure your vehicle is in the same condition as when you left it. The first step is to decide what size parking or unit you need for your vehicle. Take advantage of our car unit size guide below.  If you’re unsure about the size you need, find your local RightSpace.  A car storage expert is available to help find the storage solutions at the right price.


Car Unit Size Guide

  • 10x15: Small SUVs, Crossovers, two-doors, hatchbacks, coupes and any vehicle under 15 feet in length will fit snugly into this unit size.
  • 10x20: Standard SUVs, trucks, minivans, sedans, and any car under 20 feet in length will have plenty of room in this storage unit.  10x20 is also a common size for outdoor parking spaces.
  • 10x30: Large trucks and vans will find a better fit in this size unit, and other vehicles should leave plenty of room to store other items in indoor units.


No matter which type of storage you rent, it’s a good idea to review the following tips and save yourself expensive repairs down the road:


Indoor Car Storage Tips

Many of our facilities feature indoor car parking, providing maximum protection from the elements. This option is optimal for long-term car storage or classic and specialty vehicles. Follow the steps below to prepare your car for an extended stay:


Wax on, Wax off:  Give your car a good scrub down. Rid it of any dirt or stains that could end up damaging your paint over the long term. Dry it thoroughly, and apply wax to give it a protective shine.


Check and Change Fluids & Filters: This means your coolant, oil, air or cabin filter, and even your brake fluid. Ensuring these items are fresh can save you money down the road.


Gas it Up: Make sure your tank is completely full. Leaving even a bit of space in your gas tank allows destructive moisture to build-up and rust your tank. Keeping the tank full also keeps the seals fresh. Throw in a fuel stabilizer to protect it for up to a year.


Take off the Wipers: Even when storing indoors, wipers can pose a risk to your windshield. The rubber can stick to the glass and leave a residue that’s difficult to remove.


Rotate and Inflate: We’re talking tires here, and it’s   important to remember the following: Tires that sit for an extended period of time develop flat spots, eventually ruining them. If you drive the car around a bit you’ll have less to worry about, but it’s best to get them rotated and overinflated prior to storing.


Save Your Brakes: Release your parking brake and use wood blocks or pavers stones to keep your car from moving. Extended use of the parking brake can cause the brakes to stick to the rotors, effectively ruining both the brake and rotors.


Outdoor Car Storage Tips

Since outdoor elements can add more wear and tear to your car, it’s best to take a few extra precautions in addition to our indoor car storage tips:


Plug your Pipe: Plug any entry points like your tailpipe, check the quality of your undercarriage protection, and make sure your windows and trunk are shut and sealed.


Cover it Up: Invest in a high-quality car cover.  Although expensive, it will save you a considerable amount of money down the road. Sunlight can cause the paint and tires to fade while trapped precipitation will cause extensive corrosion to both the exterior and interior of the car.


Don’t Forget the Tires: Tires are just as susceptible to sunlight as the paint.  Following extended sun exposure, tires may crack and become brittle, rendering them unusable.   A quality cover can negate the cost of four new tires.


Finally, check with your insurance company to determine if your car is covered during an extended stay. Most companies will provide some form of coverage. But just in case it’s not an option, we offer tenant insurance to help cover costs if your car accrues damage from the elements. If you have questions regarding coverage, just speak with your local RightSpace facility manager and explore insurance options.

Find Car Storage at Any One of The Following RightSpace Facilities


Whether you’re looking for boat, RV, or Car parking, RightSpace Storage has the covered parking or storage space you need in the following cities:



Tucson, Arizona (AZ):

6444 E Broadway Blvd
6390 S Santa Clara
9000 E Tanque Verde Rd
2850 N Tuttle Ave
Bullhead City, AZ
Fort Mohave, AZ:

4345 Hwy 95, Ste A
4144 S Arcadia Ln
Mesa, Arizona (AZ):

20 W Baseline
1460 W Broadway Rd
35 N Guthrie
6660 E Main St
Peoria, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona (AZ):

4200 N Black Canyon Hwy
17201 N Black Canyon Hwy
Queen Creek, AZ



Alhambra, California (CA
Banning, California (CA)
Blythe, CA
Barstow, California (CA)
Coachella, CA
Hesperia, California (CA)
Menifee, CA
Pasadena, California (CA)
Rosemead, California (CA)
Victorville, CA
Tustin, California (CA)
San Jacinto, CA



Upton, Massachusetts (MA)


New Hampshire

Amherst, NH
Bow, NH
Derry, New Hampshire (NH):

125 Windham Rd
125 Windham Rd Suite B
Dover, New Hampshire (NH)
Hooksett, New Hampshire (NH)
Nashua, New Hampshire (NH)
Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH):

7 Mohawk Dr
9 Londonderry Rd
Pembroke, NH
Wakefield, NH


New Mexico

Bernalillo, NM

Los Lunas, NM 



North Las Vegas, NV
Paradise/Henderson, NV
Spring Valley/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
South Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)
Winchester/Las Vegas, NV
Sunrise Manor/Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)



Allen, Texas (TX)
Austin, TX
Buda, TX
Forney, Texas (TX):

394 E US Highway 80
9600 Helms Trail
Grand Prairie, TX
Killeen, TX
Murphy, TX
Round Rock, TX
San Antonio, Texas (TX)
Terrell, TX
Wylie, TX


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