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RightSpace Storage Services

Asset Financing


At RightSpace Storage, we also have the financial expertise to help you find and manage the need for capital to keep your self storage asset running smoothly, or even acquire more facilities.


Here are 4 ways we can help:


  1. Provide New Loans or Re-financing options when needed.
  2. Assist in the purchase of your Bank Notes to help avoid going into "receivership."
  3. Provide options for obtaining additional Capital Funding when capital is needed by the self storage owner.
  4. Provide Loan Modification services when typically a loan exceeds the value of the property. Usually the bank is threatening to foreclose on the property and pursue its rights to remedies against guarantors.

How do we do this?


We attempt to come up with a solution that matches the current cash flow of the asset to a debt repayment plan in a manner that maximizes shareholder value.


The strategies that we utilize in a debt restructuring are dependent upon a number of factors:

  • What is the capital position of the bank?
  • Has the asset previously been stabilized or is it a new facility whose lease up stabilization has been delayed?
  • What is net worth of the investor? What is their liquidity?
  • Is the loan amount greater than the value of the asset?

RightSpace Storage financial expert focuses on analytic logic that maximizes shareholder value and/or limits the personal exposure of the investors to guaranteed loans. Our negotiation tactics are non-confrontational and realize that each party must be a beneficiary of the debt restructuring.


Some of the potential outcomes can be:


  • Extend loan at new terms - negotiate a lower interest rate in return for the bank receiving their principal repaid.
  • Cash purchase of the note/asset from the bank - typically requires a new bank loan and/or a significant capital infusion.
  • Fund a capital infusion with mezzanine debt.


Property Management 

Property Management Services 

Optivest Properties management style is customized to our clients’ needs. Our goal is to maximize your property’s success through our expertise and experience by implementing the correct staff placement, operational systems, and a multi-faceted marketing and business plan. 

To view a list of properties currently managed by RightSpace Storage, please click here.



The selection and training of our qualified, motivated staff is critical to the success of your facility. We begin at the interview stage along with complete background checks and on-site hands-on-training with one of our highly capable and experienced Senior Managers and/or Regional Managers. Our training includes phone sales, office presentation, bookkeeping and collections, auctions, and facility maintenance. Skilled site staff is among our most valuable assets.



Optivest Properties has an effective and efficient operational system that has been proven successful to streamline the daily activities of our field staff and management team, and maximize their efforts. Its effectiveness is evident by increased occupancy and revenue, and decreased delinquencies at our sites. Our Operations Manual will guide your staff to ensure our customer’s needs are met and the property looks and functions optimally. 

Our corporate office personnel complements our field staff on many levels including: support of human resources, and a designated account manager that handles the daily accounting and purchasing for the site. We also include meticulous planning and budgeting, continuous data collection and detailed performance analysis. Full financial statements are provided to our clients on a monthly basis that analyzes the site’s performance operationally and financially.



Growth in the self storage industry has become astounding in recent years resulting in a greater need for an individualized marketing and business plan. Optivest Properties has the experience to create a customized strategy combining a multitude of different types of advertising including, but not limited to, directory advertising, internet, direct mail and brochures to promote your site to prospective and current customers. 

With the added option of becoming a licensed STORE MORE! self storage site (see IMAGE BRANDING), professionally developed marketing materials and the added lead-generation capabilities of being on the STORE MORE! web page can further contribute to achieving high occupancy and sales growth. 

Our relationships with AT&T, Verizon and other national and local advertisers guarantee you will receive the best ad design and price. We also work with experienced storage web designers for strong internet presence and appeal. All of these services will be utilized for your location in order to produce optimal results. We also work with our staff on developing their phone skills and direct sales along with promoting site visibility and curb appeal. 

Our full service staff includes the finest operations management, accounting team, and human resources personnel.



Acquisition Services


Acquisitions & Development

Whether you are considering purchasing undeveloped land, a retro-fit project, or an existing facility, our experienced team at Optivest Properties can assist you with a network of top-notch industry experts, including brokers, lenders and real estate related individuals. They will be invaluable in purchase negotiations, due diligence and finance arrangements including tax issues such as 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. 

Our experience in development will lead you through the process, from the beginning stage or at any phase of development, from selecting a parcel, working with an architect on design and layout, construction management, assessing site amenities and competitive features all the way to opening the doors for business. 

Optivest Properties is committed to giving each client the utmost personalized service in the self storage industry using our proven expertise and experience.



Consulting Services

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are performed to evaluate the potential success of your proposed project in a specific market. These studies are comprehensive and have been used and requested by lenders as a basis of potential profitability and risk of new projects. The study includes a detailed analysis of existing competition along with a photo gallery of each competitor and the subject property; a county and city search of potential projects in the market and their current status; complete demographics; recommendations for square footage, unit mix; and a sample 5 year proforma with lease-up projections.



About RightSpace Storage

In addition to selecting the right property management company for your investment, your NEXT most important decision is to assess whether your business identity (i.e. Brand) within your community is strong and differentiated, and has the necessary marketing “horsepower” to help increase, defend and sustain your business long term against the growing competition. 

Towards this goal, Optivest Properties now provides our customers the option to become a member of our RightSpace Storage family of self storage facilities located nationwide.




Why Choose RightSpace Storage Branding? 

According to Self-Storage Almanac, 82.9% of the industry ownership is in the hands of small “mom and pop” operators. These operators have little or no branding or company image. About 10.3% are owned by the top five operators: Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, U-Store-It, Sovran Self Storage and U-Haul. The other 17.1% is made up of the top 100 operators, which own or manage from 7 to 247 facilities. This is the market segment that RightSpace Storage belongs to. 

Where do you fit within this market segmentation? Do you have the “horsepower” to compete against the Top 5 or even the top 100 operators? Learn how to be in the top 25% of self storage operators without having to take years and thousands of dollars to get there. Now you can immediately acquire this knowledge and stature by being part of our RightSpace Storage family of Licensees. 


Benefits provided to our Licensees


Strong Brand Identity:

  • Unique, yet simple graphic design has strong “customer attraction” and recognition
  • Includes use of our custom state-of-the-art website (rightspacestorage.com)
  • Each store has its own unique web page with pictures and site attribute content
  • Unique marketing materials are designed and ready to print
  • Promotional programs are defined and ready to implement
  • Business Card design ready for use

Effective Marketing Strategies:

  • Special web-site promotions
  • Community Fund-raiser Programs
  • Discounting and Specials for “walk-ins”
  • Promotional Signage (Exterior / Interior)
  • Direct Marketing & Referral Programs
  • On-going web-site development and Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, the power of the web to attract new customers has grown exponentially, to the point where today, RightSpace sites obtain up to 30% of their new customer leads from this lead source. Why? Because of the continuous effort we put forth to constantly seek innovative ways to get to the potential storage customer. See “Website Optimization” for a more thorough explanation of what makes the RightSpace Storage website a critical component to helping grow your occupancy and profitability.



Storage Website Optimization


Website Development and Search Engine Optimization


RightSpace Storage has grown along with the evolution of online media by utilizing a variety of online product offerings such as Internet Yellow Page campaigns, SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns. We handle all the technical aspects of advertising online, which allows our clients to maximize the growth of their business without having to go to outside sources for this expertise. Your facility, as part of the RightSpace Storage family of self storage sites, will be seen and heard in the fastest growing segment of advertising…the internet! 

RightSpace Storage understands the importance and long-term benefit of Search Engine Optimization for our website. We utilize on-site and off-site techniques to improve your individual page on our website to gain the highest position within Google and a multitude of other search engines. Other companies will just add you to the “list” of sites that they manage. In comparison, we have the ability to create a unique title, description and keywords (SEO elements) to make your facility differ from the competition – as if you spent as much as the “big boys” to get the same organic ranking results. 

See below how our attention to small detail, behind the scenes, adds up to additional rentals every month: 

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns:

Often used to describe acts associated with researching, submitting and positioning a website within search engines to achieve maximum exposure. These campaigns include placement and management of pay per click (PPC) Google/Yahoo/MSN programs as well as implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Properly executed SEO ensures that optimized websites will appear at or near the top of relevant categories on all the major search engines. 

Improve Your Ranking In Search Engines:

We will improve your individual page rankings with our SEO techniques. Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques are a great option for obtaining potential clients at the least possible cost. After all, most people do not look beyond the first or second page when looking for products or services on the Internet. It is well known that visitors will initially click on the free organic listings to a greater degree than paid “pay per click” listings. Getting improved search engine placement doesn’t just happen; it takes expertise, patience and time. Affordable SEO has to be a part of your marketing campaign. It will help you increase your website traffic, magnify your conversions to sales and improve your return on investment (ROI). 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is the process of implementing on-site and off-site techniques (explained below) to a website so that it will rank high in search engine results. Organic (SEO) listings appear in the main body of the page. These free listings are ranked by the search engines using complex algorithms (rules). 

SEO “On-Page” Optimization Techniques:

Keyword Research – Extensive keyword research is performed to ensure that your targeted keywords will improve your rankings in all the major search engines and directories. 
Content Writing – RightSpace will help you create page content that will rank well in search engines. Content optimization provides an interesting paragraph of the facility page with keywords at the very top. The content paragraph and general content improvement of the facility page will be appealing to your readers and use the proper keyword densities. 
Image Optimization – RightSpace will optimize your GIF and JPEG images by decreasing the file sizes of images so they will download faster without changing the image quality. 
Meta Tag Optimization – RightSpace will optimize titles, H1 and H2 tags to improve ranking. The Meta keywords tag provides extra copy for crawler based search engines to index along with your body copy. 
HTML Validation – RightSpace will provide HTML verification and validation to make sure your facility page is more search engine friendly. 
Competitor Analysis – Identifies weak and strong points of your facility page. Also helps us find out the competitors in various search engines and additional ways to improve your page. 
Search Engine Submissions – RightSpace will submit optimized page URL’s to the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Personalized “Keyword” Selection:

RightSpace Storage (with input from the client) will create a list of keywords representing the most likely possible search terms customers might use while conducting a search. Keyword development is based upon the clients’ products and services sold. 
Next, we will work with you on putting together a budget and begin bidding on the most important, relevant keywords. We will usually bid on several keywords and then keep an accurate track of the effectiveness of each keyword. Budgets are reallocated periodically based upon this information. 
Next, we write the text ads using these keywords. The keyword lists are uploaded to the major search engines. 
The text ads will appear in the sponsored links area at the top and side of the page when someone conducts a search using one of these keywords. 
The potential customers who click on the text ads are routed to your web page where they can become future paying customers.

SEO “Off-Page” Optimization Techniques:

Link Development – Search engines use link building to determine the position of your facility page in the rankings. Your facility page is submitted to several directories, articles, forums, blogs etc. and catches the maximum number of links back to your page. One-way linking is also used to improve ranking. RightSpace Storage will submit links to various directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo to increase traffic to your site. 

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay Per Click or sponsored advertising appears at the top or the side of the search results page. Businesses are charged when prospective clients click on their ad. This method of paid advertising, while appearing to be simple, is actually complex and time consuming for businesses to manage on their own. Often businesses lack the necessary tools, knowledge and spend money carelessly to analyze their return on investment (ROI). We have the expertise to manage it for you. 

PPC Tracking:

PPC has great tracking capability. With Google Analytics, Traffic Source Overview and Google Ad Words, Key Word Performance Report, etc., you can see where your visitors are coming from, what they do once they arrive at your site, and which visits become actual sales. This information can be used to adjust the campaign and make it even more efficient. PPC gives the advertiser more control and measurable results than other types of advertising. PPC is a simple concept but not simple to execute properly. To run a program properly requires daily attention and optimization, accurate keyword selection and updating, keyword bid management and ad scheduling and placement. 

The RightSpace team constantly monitors the traffic to your page, and provides frequent updates and performance analysis reports. These methods lead to a greater number of hits on your page and ultimately more sales. Leave it to the pros at RightSpace Storage! 

SEO Methods That Work:

The set of practices outlined above provide quality results and do not jeopardize our client’s web pages. Our submissions are performed manually and we verify that each search engine receives the information. 

Expect Results:

While no SEO work is able to guarantee specific placement results, in most cases we are able to move your webpage up to the top 10-20 listings or on the first or second page. 

SEO Guarantee:

RightSpace Storage and our team will provide the following: 

A high level of professional service that meets or exceeds the standards in the industry. 
RightSpace and our team will clearly explain the process and the changes that are needed to be made. 
RightSpace and our team will make changes quickly and keep you informed as to the status of your project at all times.


Join Our Team

Self storage owners have two RightSpace Advertising Programs they can elect to choose: 

NETWORK MEMBER: Includes all available services provided by RightSpace Storage (see chart below) 

AFFILIATE MEMBER: For the self storage owner who does not want to change the name of their facility at this time, but wishes to benefit from all other services, including integration into the RightSpace website. Facility would be recognized as a member through the selective use of a small tag line that would say: “Affiliate Partner of RightSpace Storage”




* Member can elect to keep using existing site name and current signage without switching to RightSpace Storage 

ADVERTISING Fees: Based on services desired and number of sites becoming a Member. Contact RightSpace Storage to establish a FREE consultation. 

By joining any one of our two RightSpace Storage Advertising Programs, your store gains a unique opportunity to take advantage of our growing success and popularity. Our unique operational model and style will attract loyal customers, employees and help your facility maintain the highest standards to continue to lead the industry.




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