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Acquisitions & 3rd Party Management

RightSpace Storage is committed to giving each of our clients the utmost personalized service in the self-storage industry using our proven expertise and experience

RightSpace Storage is a full-service, self-storage management firm with properties spanning coast to coasts. As a founding member of the National Storage Affiliates (NSA), our team provides expertise in all areas of the storage business.


Let us take on the day-to-day operational burdens. Tap into the wealth of knowledge we've gained from running and re-branding countless other self-storage facilities just like yours.  With proven sales, marketing, and management strategies, we can help propel your facility into long-term success. 




Our unique operational model and personal style is structured to attract loyal customers and employees, and ensure that your facility maintains the highest standards.


Revenue Management


  • Implementation of real-time monitoring, forecasting, and growth optimization systems to ensure a quick response to frequently changing market conditions.

Expense Monitoring


  • Full oversight of the financial aspects of your operations, while also deploying cost reduction strategies to keep your expenses under control.

Employee Relations


  • Comprehensive human resource services including recruitment, training, support, benefits, and payroll.



Increase Online Visibility


  • Break into the most competitive markets with our integrative paid search campaigns and optimized website using the latest SEO strategies.

Comprehensive Sales Management


  • A complete sales strategy that includes unit inventory, pricing, and discounting with online payments and convenient account management for your customers.

Customer Behavior Analysis


  • Develop a better understanding of how customers find and interact with your business, including reputation management, lead & conversions tracking, channel attribution, and more.

In-House Sales Center


  • Our highly trained sales staff will service new customers in minutes, converting more leads into rentals.



Property Sale


  • Evaluate and assist with sale options, including ways to maximize valuation and tax deferment.


Strategic Planning


  • A comprehensive plan of action to create and exceed the goals you have for your property.


Whether you are considering purchasing undeveloped land, a retro-fit project, or an existing facility, our experienced team at Optivest Properties can assist you with a network of top-notch industry experts, including brokers, lenders and real estate related individuals. They will be invaluable in purchase negotiations, due diligence and finance arrangements including tax issues such as 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.


Our experience in development will lead you through the process, from the beginning stage or at any phase of development, from selecting a parcel, working with an architect on design and layout, construction management, assessing site amenities and competitive features all the way to opening the doors for business.


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